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Introducing a new style of two-way radio that looks like a smartphone!!!

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Mobiles, Portables, Base Stations and Repeaters

All these products are the staples of Two Way Radio offerings

Mobile Radios mount in vehicles and connect to the battery. They have an external antenna that allows for maximum range.

Portable Radios are hand carried units that are excellent for person to person communications for short range but are also capable of communications with mobile radios, Base Stations and Repeaters which enhance their range considerably. A special type of mobile repeater can use the vehicle to enhance the range of a portable

Base Stations are normally mobile radios, equipped with an external power souce called a power supply, connected to an Mast Mounted antenna to provide better range to mobiles and portables.

Finally, repeaters are usually installed on tall building or on mountain tops to allow for the relay across a greater range for mobiles and portable.

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