REPEATERS (NXDN & FM) for Ham Radio

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Your Local NXDN REPEATER (also FM)

VE3YYZ Toronto 443.0500 (Ran 1) Digital (ctcss 103.5) Analog

Talkgroup ID=1 Local Communications

Talkgroup ID=65000 Entire Network

VE3YYZ NXDN is a PTT Initiated system. The NXDN Group TG needs to be keyed before the Talkgroup is linked and times out after 3 minutes, which will require another keyup.

This feature is normally disabled

Contact Sysop for how to enable it the rest of the time!

You will also need a user ID

For more info contact



for Ham Radio Groups and Organizations

Icom FR5000/FR6000 VHF/UHF Repeaters for Amateur Radio Use.

Replace your 25 – 50 year old Rack Mount Systems with a 2 RU (3.5 inch) Repeater chassis that can accommodate 2 repeaters (V+V, V+U, U+U) in 1 small rack mount. Your filtering and power supply will still be external but you can replace a whole rack of equipment with something smaller and modern.


Pricing from $1700 and up depending on the options.

Options available, 2nd repeater (VHF or UHF), Mobile Mic, Programming software (NDA must be signed), Programming cables, Trunking Module + CF Card (required for IP Connectivity). This repeater will operate both Analog FM (12.5/25 kHz) and Digital (NXDN).

With a Modem it can be modified for D-STAR

Interfacing is done via a DB25 connector on the rear of the radio so you can connect your existing controller to the radio.

Contact us for a quote to replace your existing unit or to create a complete NEW system. follow the link below for a product brochure with more information.




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