D-STAR Introduction

D-STAR Product

New Products


New ID51A+2 No DVAP required



DSTAR Mobiles & Portables

ID-800H – The one that started it all (End of Life)

IC-2820H – Flagship Mobile (End of Life)

ID-5100A (1) – The Latest and Greatest Flagship Mobile w/GPS & Bluetooth

ID-1 – 1296 Voiced & Data Radio – Voice & High Speed (128 kB) Data Radio

IC-91AD – First Generation Portable

IC-92AD – Second Generation Portable

IC-80AD_ID-880H – Third Generation portable/mobile

ID-51A – Fourth Generation Portable w/GPS

ID-31A (1) – Fourth Generation Single Band (UHF) Portable w/GPS

ID-51A_50th_LT  –  ICOM 50th Anniversary ID-51 Edition

ID-51APlus – Faster Data Speeds and FM Repeater Search

OPC2350LU – USB Cable to allow Picture and Text transfer from other ICOM Hardware


IC-7100_USA – HF & VHF/UHF Mobile/Base Unit


Some additional Information from various places

VE3YYZ Toronto – MAIN SITE IN GTA (Greater Toronto Area)

DSTARPortableCompare – Comparison of Portables (a bit dated)

DSTARMobileCompare[2]– Comparison of Mobiles (a bit dated)

D-Star Routing Explained – A tutorial for the most misunderstood function of D-STAR

http://www.jfindu.net/DSTARRepeaters.aspx – DSTAR Repeaters Around the World

http://dstarusers.org/ – Main DSTAR Users Site

http://www.dstarinfo.com/ – Main Site for downloading files for radios and generic info

D-STAR – General Brochure on DSTAR

Local DSTAR Registration – VE3YYZ D-STAR Registration Site (for GTA Users)

ve3yyz_new_user_info – Registration procedure for VE3YYZ

http://www.d-staruk.co.uk/ – D-STAR UK. Very good site, good information

Guidelines for using VE3YYZ DSTAR Gateway system in Toronto

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